Anchorage Montessori School’s elementary program includes two multi-aged classrooms: one for students 6-9 years of age (Elementary I), and one for students 9-12 years old (Elementary II). Students who have been well prepared in a Montessori primary class will welcome the transition to the larger world of the elementary classroom. Here their growing abilities to learn cognitively through imagination, abstract thinking, and manipulation of materials are supported. Art, Music, PE/Health and Foreign Language are also a part of the program.

At AMS we strive to give children an individualized education through child-directed work.  Children are given the freedom during classroom work time to choose their own work activities, as well as whom and where to work with. However this freedom is earned through responsible behavior and choices. The expectations that children will work in a calm manner without interrupting others is built in from an early age and practiced over and over. This allows for a classroom where many different activities are taking place simultaneously and natural interaction and social connections are made.

Uninterrupted time is provided to students to allow them to fully immerse themselves in their chosen work. Teachers monitor each child’s progress through observation and help guide children to the next natural progression of their studies. Students are exposed to new materials through either individual or small group lessons and then allowed to practice the work as often as they desire. Many of these materials are self-correcting, empowering the child to notice and fix their own mistakes.

Students who are struggling with choosing appropriate materials may be given suggestions by either a teacher or their peers but directed times of study for certain subjects are NOT a part of the Montessori classroom. While children are expected to study a variety of topics and touch on all academic components we understand this will happen naturally over the course of their schooling and does not need to be forced into a single daily schedule.

Basic language and math skills are at the core of the curriculum. These are further developed through a rich cultural program in history, science, and geography. By exploring the universe, the history of mankind, and elements of the natural world, the child comes to see relationships between world, self, and community. Because the emotional and social growth of the child is an important aspect of the elementary program, the classroom setting provides opportunities for working in small groups. The teacher guides the children toward independence as the children naturally take increasing responsibility for their behavior, their work, and the well being of their peers.

The Art program in the elementary classes covers a variety of art forms including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and design. Each student is encouraged to explore his/her own unique vision and to see art as a valuable and exciting tool for self expression and understanding. Art projects are often tied into other areas of the curriculum as well as group projects for the school.

Physical Education extends past simple physical activity into an awareness and appreciation of our bodies systems, how they work together and how to care for them to elicit optimum performance and growth. Emotional and Physical wellness as well as an exploration of different seasonal physical activities helps students develop a positive attitude toward wellness.

Students are offered presentations in American Sign Language and a Specials Projects instructor is available to assist with classroom projects.

Music in the elementary programs takes on a whole new life beyond the basics and music appreciation as children are provided opportunities in both vocal performance and musical instrument studies.

Before and After School Care

Anchorage Montessori School provides quality care for currently enrolled elementary aged students before and after the school day. Students are in a home-like atmosphere and engage in activities including games, arts and crafts, quiet play and recreation.

Summer Recreation

Children entering Kindergarten through 6th grade are invited to join us for a plethora of summer activities, including science experiments, arts and crafts, games, building projects, outdoor adventures, field trips, and of course, plenty of time spent playing outside in the sunshine! We will be dining alfresco on days the weather permits, so make sure to bring in a sack lunch!