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triangleThe equilateral triangle is the strongest of geometric shapes. Within Montessori, you will find it represented in Grammar (the noun family symbols), in Mathematics (geometric solids), and in History (early civilizations/pyramids). It is also a significant symbol in recording the progress of a Montessori student – one side representing “presentation” of an idea ( / ), two sides demonstrating that a child is “practicing” a concept ( /_ ), and a complete triangle ( /_\ ) when the child has shown “mastery” of a topic.

There is another very important triangle – perhaps the most important! This triangle represents the relationship between the child, his/her parent, and their Montessori guide. As a cornerstone of this triangle, you are key in laying the foundation for future success for your child. Clear communication between school and home is one way to begin building this future. Secondly, we challenge every parent to learn more about Montessori education and how this partnership can help us all guide the children on their journey to becoming who they are meant to be.

Please use the resources presented here, information published in our school newsletter, and other resources recommended by your child’s guide to assist you. Our guides, staff and administration are delighted to share what we have learned on our journey to becoming Montessori educators and we welcome you to share your ideas with us as well. Together, let’s create the most important triangle!


Enrollment at AMS is viewed as a commitment to completing the cycle of learning at a child’s designated level (2yrs for Toddler, 3 yrs for Primary / Elementary). Families will receive a placement letter during February and March for the next school year. Once placement is confirmed by parent acknowledgement, an appointment to complete the paperwork will be scheduled.

Please Note: At the time of returning your Placement Intent form a $500 Placement Security Fee is due. This fee is then applied as a credit to your first month’s tuition. The Placement Intent form will have a deadline date for both its return and the potential changing of your decision. This decision date deadline is generally two weeks from the return date. Any changes in decision or withdrawal after that date will result in the forfeiture of the Placement Security Fee.

In order to secure your child’s spot in the upcoming year, all account balances must be current. Placement will not be held for any child with a delinquent account balance. A child may re-apply once the account balance is resolved.

If a child is enrolled in a12-month program tuition is due for all 12 months. There will be no “holding” of classroom placements over the summer months without the payment of tuition for those months. If a family is planning on taking the summer months off then they are advised to enroll in a school year program.

If a family with a child in a 12-month program decides to take the summer off and not desire to pay the tuition they may withdraw their child by following the Withdrawal Policy (page 10). They are then free to reapply for admission with a new application and associated fees. The child will be placed on the Waiting List and enrolled a classroom as space becomes available.

Change of Enrollment

It is possible to submit a Change of Enrollment Form that states the child’s current classroom and a request for a new placement. These forms are available at the Front Office. Please note that these requests are honored as space becomes available in the requested program and are staged by program and order of submission. Anchorage Montessori School will strive to honor these change requests though at the time of submission no guarantees are offered or implied.

Behaviors that Require Disciplinary Action


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