Parent Handbook-2022-23

Behavior Policy

Core Philosophy:

Discipline at Anchorage Montessori School (AMS) is based on a positive attitude toward children, awareness of the developmental psychology of children, and the unique ability to view and address each child’s needs as an individual. Students are taught that AMS is a peaceful school based upon mutual respect and care for the community. Teachers model appropriate behaviors, and teach students problem-solving skills and conflict resolution strategies. The goal is to help children arrive at inner discipline through concentrated work, and the child is assisted in developing the skills necessary to control his/her own actions to develop self-discipline. Natural and/or logical consequences are used as a means of helping the child to develop inner limits. Teachers explain the reasons for limits or rules to be sure children understand the need for them, and strive to create an environment to promote learning, where children feel safe and secure.

Anchorage Montessori School encourages students to show respect for differences including but not limited to race, gender, and religion, while fostering a school environment free from all forms of bullying and intimidation whether physical, social, emotional, or verbal. The school’s focus, based on Montessori pedagogy, is on preventative measures for such behaviors, by teaching children how to

  • be caring and courteous
  • cooperate with others
  • deal with angry feelings
  • stand up for themselves without being aggressive
  • respect and celebrate the unique qualities of every person
  • make appropriate behavioral and academic choices

Collection of the most common policies to remember

  • Core Work Sessions: Drop off and pick up times are one of the most important times for your child during the day. Your child will need to be at school as soon as the class is open for successful socialization. Tardiness to class will be noted and if it becomes an issue that interrupts the class regularly, we will reevaluate your child’s placement as part of our school community. Please call in advance for scheduled events (i.e. doctor’s appointments) so the teachers may plan accordingly.
  • Children with green mucus running from their noses are considered ill.
  • A child given a fever reducer before school still has a fever and is considered ill.
  • Parent Orientation is required for all parents, even returning families.
  • No parking in the fire lane. Children in vehicles must be attended. Remember – TURN OFF YOUR ENGINE!
  • Play yards are not available until after 5:30 Monday through Friday.
  • Full Day programs are 12 months long.
  • Children must be signed in before drop off and signed out before pick up by people noted on the child’s emergency cards only. I.D. is required.
  • Primary children must be potty trained before school starts. Pull-ups are not allowed in the 3 to 6 year old classrooms.
  • Billing is 2 months in advance.
  • Children must have a current physical and immunizations to stay enrolled in our program.
  • If Anchorage School District closes due to weather we are closed too. If ASD announces a delayed opening, we will be open for our regular hours.
  • It is best to say goodbye in the hallway at the door and allow your child to walk into class Independently. If assistance is required, a teacher or assistant will guide the child. Quick and confident goodbyes are the cornerstone of a successful day for our younger friends.