“Finding and securing quality early education for Anchorage children is a growing challenge. Anchorage Montessori School is without question a premier environment. Our son participated in this highly enriched center as a preschooler. AMS is a nurturing school inspired by the Montessori method of self-guided development: core teaching focuses on problem-solving skills, abstract thinking, and the promotion of creative skill sets. We highly recommend AMS as an incubator for lifelong learning and development.”

Chris and Krista Phillips
Parents 2012-2014 AMS preschooler

“I’m not sure I could write to give it justice but our kids are excelling at Trailside Elementary and I’m a firm believer it is because of the foundation they received from AMS. Ashlyn started reading half-way through kindergarten and is now in 1st Grade and reading at the 5th grade level. She has been identified as a candidate to be tested for the accelerated program at the end of this year. Grant and Chelsea are following the same foot steps and socially all the kids have been very helpful with other kids adjusting to the daily activities of school and it is because of the great program AMS offers.”

Michael & Wendi Eldridge


“Our family is so excited with how Nicolas is learning at AMS. Nicolas started at AMS when he was 2 1/2 years old in Ms. Liz’s toddler program. Immediately, I noticed a positive difference in his behavior and they way he approached things. He became more confident and wanted to explore things independently. I know that many parents start their children in Montessori for daycare/preschool. Those programs are outstanding! Because of the level of care and the amount of growth I saw in my child I decided it would be best to stay with AMS for elementary school. When I speak with other (non AMS) parents about the things their child is doing and learning in the lower elementary grades, it is easy to see how far ahead Nicolas is in academics. I really feel like my child is more than a student at AMS, he is surrounded by caring adults who are concerned about him and his growth. AMS is more than just a daycare or a school. It is a community of people (staff and families) that are invested in the development of the children that pass through its doors each day.”

LaDonna Dean (Nicolas Arroyo’s mom)


“Teaching philanthropy at a young age instills the value of community, connectedness and compassion. The students at Anchorage Montessori School have demonstrated these important values and the women and children we serve at AWAIC are grateful for their kindness and dedication. We all appreciate this partnership!”

Suzi Pearson
Executive Director, AWAIC

“To: Director of the Anchorage Montessori School/ Rick Toymill On behalf of the administration and the residents of Providence Horizon House, I wish to convey our appreciation for the meaningful intergenerational interactions that have occurred through our collaborative efforts. The grade levels were” right on” for the resident group that participated in this activity. The children shared their family histories, vacation stories, and their future dreams. The residents shared their early days of coming to Alaska and some portions of their lives. These sessions have been a bonding experience for the two generations. The children also presented storyboards and dressed in historical costumes, that were creative and informative. All of the students were knowledgeable about the subject matter they shared. The final Bingo game was great fun for all! The children were exuberant and the residents enjoyed this time together. We at Providence Horizon House we truly appreciate your willingness to be part of this intergenerational program for both 2014/2015. Your interest exemplifies your dedication to the community at large, and making us all more aware of the full, “circle of life.” I want to commend both Jen Delota, for her help coordinating our events and Naomi for her excellent work as a teacher to all the bright students who visited us this year and last! We are looking forward to next year.”

Karen Strash-Purtzer
Activity & Volunteer Coordinator Providence Horizon House

“Dear Anchorage Montessori School Students, Staff and Parents, I recently had the privilege to work with this community for Anchorage Montessori School’s 2nd Annual Jump Rope for Heart. Jump Rope for Heart is a program that teaches students how to take care of their heart, as well as raise lifesaving funds for the American Heart Association. AMS student were able to save 53 lives through their fundraising efforts. This is a tremendous effort especially with the low enrollment numbers, these students are truly HEART HEROES. This is one of my favorite schools to work with personally. The students and staff are receptive and passionate about the message. The students are so engaged in taking care of their hearts by simple changes such as eating less sugar or salt, drinking more water and being more active! Thank you so much for taking this program to heart and encouraging your children to participate in Jump Rope for Heart. Thank you for helping the American Heart Association create a world free of cardiovascular disease and stroke!”

Sunni Danielowski
Youth Market Director Western States Affiliate


August 2016

To the Director and Staff of Anchorage Montessori School,

We want to use this medium to express our heartfelt appreciation and say “thank you” for being such a wonderful school and the first one our son attended.  You groomed him academically and socially from 19 months to five years of age.

We are proud that he attended AMS and happy to recommend AMS to any parent.

Thanks and God Bless

-Peace, Erovie and Glory-to-God Afieroho