Mission Statement

The mission of Anchorage Montessori School is to make Montessori education a dynamic and positive force in the lives of children, in families and in our community. The following principles support this mission:

  • We believe in the dignity of children and in their inherent right to our protection, assistance, and guidance in fulfilling their potential
  • We are committed to the Montessori philosophy and trust the Montessori approach to education
  • We wish to support parents’ efforts to raise capable, joyful, confident children without undue stress or financial hardship and without abdication of their parental responsibilities
  • We are willing to share our lives with children and to grow and learn alongside them
  • We are dedicated to the well-being, integrity and development of the larger Montessori community
  • It is our most fervent desire to help bring about a peaceful world in which every person’s contribution is cherished and in which all barriers to understanding and acceptance have been removed