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ENROLLMENT NOTE:   Due to COVID-19, AMS is not giving tours at this time.   Currently all programs are full for the 2021-22 school year. Inquiries and applications are still welcome for the upcoming school year.



Thank you to those who attended any of these sessions and to the planning committee for their excellent work.  Though the pandemic most likely curtailed participation we look forward to future such series!


Thank you to everyone who voted Anchorage Montessori School “Best In Alaska” for 2020!

As a Montessori program we are engaged in the American Montessori Society’s Pathway of Continuous School Improvement.

We have currently completed the move to Step 5 of the ten-step pathway.  This has earned that degree of recognition on the national level along with a seal of achievement to be used on our website and printed materials.

The next step is to get our remaining classroom lead teachers Montessori certified.  That will get us to Step 7 will take at least a year and is basically and in-depth self-study detailing descriptions and evidence of philosophy, mission, vision, governance and leadership, personnel and facility resources, finances and stability, records, resources, support systems, and stakeholder communication and relationships.  All this will move the program closer to national Montessori accreditation.  As a staff we are excited and enthusiastic about the ambitious endeavor as attaining national accreditation has been a goal of AMS since its inception.

We celebrated the 40th anniversary of Anchorage Montessori School in November of 2017

Please enjoy the video presented at the event: “Celebrate the past, Honor the Present, Embrace the Future” by visiting this page.