There are several ways to fulfill your volunteer hours! In addition to the opportunities listed below, you are encouraged to ask your child’s teacher for classroom related opportunities. Plus volunteers are always welcome for special school activates such as picture day, feast days, and other events. Please remember to keep track of your hours in the Volunteer Log binder located at the front desk. If you have any questions please e-mail: or call 276-2240.

Volunteer Opportunities

Pick up and recycle school paper and cardboard

Fill Sandbox
Primary sandbox needs to be refilled

Templates for Arts
The arts and crafts use up lots of templates and more are needed.

Gravel Raking
gravel needs to be raked and shoveled on the playground

Touch up painting

Go shopping for arts and crafts supplies
Double up, your time and expense goes toward the volunteer obligation.

Snow Shoveling
The emergency exits need to be shoveled every morning after it snows.