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Parent Education at AMS

Understanding Montessori philosophy is an essential component of getting the most out of your child's time at Anchorage Montessori School.  We offer many different ways to learn more about what we do and how you can help support learning at home.  Once enrolled, you will be invited to attend in-person learning opportunities. 

Below you can find our own growing video collection, as well as some other learning opportunities that may fit different learning styles and preferences, such as articles, videos and online courses.  

We are also very happy to talk to you about Montessori education any time.  Stop by, give us a call, or schedule a meeting with your classroom teacher.  

Dr. Montessori's Life & Work

The Importance of Independence

Montessori in the Home: Part 1

Montessori in the Home: Part 2

Other Resources

  • Reading Material

    Click the link below for a selection of articles published for parents of children in Montessori schools.


  • Current Research

    Click the link below to read current research related to Montessori education.


  • Online Course: You and Your Child's Montessori Education: Early Childhood

    American Montessori Society offers an online course for parents of young children.  Click below to learn more or register.  

    Please note: this is a paid course through American Montessori Society that costs $150.00

    Online Course