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Anchorage Montessori School’s elementary program includes two multi-age classrooms: Elementary I for children ages 6-9 and Elementary II for children ages 9-12. Students who have been well prepared in a Montessori primary class will welcome the transition to the larger world of the elementary classroom. Here, their growing abilities to learn cognitively through imagination, abstract thinking, and manipulation of materials are supported. The following subject areas are explored in the Elementary program: Language, Mathematics, History, Science, Geography and Art. The Elementary program has a rich and extensive cultural program. By exploring the universe, the history of mankind, and elements of the natural world, the child comes to see relationships between world, self, and community. The emotional and social growth of the child is an important aspect of the elementary program. The classroom setting recognizes this need and provides opportunities for interacting and working with peers.

Our Elementary staff strives to give children an individualized education through child-directed work. Children are given the freedom during the uninterrupted work cycle to choose their own work activities, where to and who to work with. This freedom is earned through responsible behavior and choices. A Montessori classroom in action has many different activities in various subject areas taking place simultaneously. Teachers monitor each child’s progress through observation to help guide children to the next natural progression of their studies. Students are exposed to new materials through either individual or small group lessons and then allowed to practice the work as often as they desire. The teacher guides the children toward independence as they naturally take increasing responsibility for their behavior, their work, and the well being of their peers.



Before Care 7:30 - 8:30

School Day 8:30 - 3:15

After Care 3:15 - 5:00