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Giving FAQ

Each family is required to complete 10 volunteer hours each school year.  There are many opportunities for families to meet this requirement.  There is also an option of “buying” the hours at $20.00 per hour. 

There are many other ways to contribute to Anchorage Montessori School's mission and vision.  You can donate with a one-time gift, your company may offer a matching contribution, you can donate a portion of your PFD through Pick. Click. Give., or through planned giving.  If you have any questions, please reach out. 

Every family has different financial conditions and should only give what is comfortable and appropriate your the individual family.  Your donation, unlike tuition fees, is 100% tax-deductible.

Tuition covers the bare minimum costs to operate the school. The school relies on gifts from trustees, parents, alumni, corporations, and friends of the School to fund capital projects, make major repairs, upgrade facilities, give teacher professional development, etc. And remember, your donation is tax-deductible, while tuition is not.

Many of our alumni tell us that Anchorage Montessori School provided the foundation for their character formation and success experienced at high school, college, and beyond. Just as annual gifts supported your education in your years at the school, your gift each year ensures that the tradition of excellence in developing the whole child continues on for current and future students. As communicated before graduation, much is done for you when you are a child. As you mature into adulthood, it is time to begin giving back. Giving back to a place that provided so much to your own development is a rewarding and valuable part of being an alumnus.

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