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Program Overview

Anchorage Montessori School has two full day and one half day classroom at the toddler level. The toddler program begins at 19 months and goes to the age of three. Our dedicated Toddler staff provide your child with a nurturing and supportive environment where they can develop a sense of independence and community. The toddler environment is filled with hands-on materials that help the child develop their fine and gross motor skills, refine their senses and expand their vocabulary. Children are given the opportunity to learn and develop new practical life skills such as self dressing, hand washing and toileting independently through real world application. We believe that all children are unique and capable learners who deserve to learn at their own pace.

We have a passionate and experienced toddler staff who all share the same goal of freeing the child to their full potential. All lead teachers hold a Montessori credential for the level in which they teach. The teacher prepares the environment with engaging materials, plans interactive groups and projects and observes the students to meet their needs and provide new learning opportunities.





Half Day AM      8:15 - 11:15

Half Day PM      12:15 - 3:15

Full Day              8:00 - 4:00

After Care          4:00 - 5:00